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Post by PresidentDavid on Tue Aug 02, 2016 10:22 am

A Sleepy Hollow

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In 1948, the world was crippled. Governments failed to learn the lessons of The Great War, and gave everything they had to fighting a Second World War. Even the mighty United States was brought to its knees with an economy in tatters, a military spread thin, and few nations left in Europe to trade with. Canada was no exception to the global depression that ensued, and was left leaderless when an attempted coup in Ottawa killed the Prime Minister and most of Parliament.

No one knows if it was pride, or the strong will of the Canadian people, but major cities weren’t burned to the ground in most of Canada like they were in other countries. City-States were the unusual result of this. While they had trouble feeding everyone and keeping law and order, the city governments of Ottawa, Toronto, Sudbury, and Thunder Bay militarized their police forces.

Toronto had the advantage in numbers, especially with the cooperation of surrounding cities, but Ottawa had the prestige and legitimacy that came with being the former capital of Canada. The governments in both cities wanted to restore Canada, but they had different ideas in governance. Ottawa wanted a restoration of the constitutional monarchy, while Toronto wanted a Canadian Republic. In case negotiations didn’t work out, republican forces from Toronto marched north to capture smaller cities like Sudbury, and eventually west to move to Thunder Bay, which was the gateway to Western Canada.

The people in Sudbury were just trying to survive, they had no political aspirations. The government in Thunder Bay was a bit more… unique. Most of rural Ontario, including Thunder Bay, had been spending much time without electricity by now, even in government buildings. Homes and stores were being warmed with firewood once again, and small communities had become less dependent on commerce between cities by using sustainable, local agriculture. With the breakdown of international trade, even between the United States and Canada, civilians in rural Ontario found themselves using horses instead of vehicles, which were quickly loosing purpose.

The story of Sleepy Hollow begins with one man: Enoch Dusk. Enoch was a private man who kept to himself, some would even go as far as to call him reclusive. He lived in his family's old manor in Thunder Bay, which had been handed down for generations. Other than a few churches, it was one of the tallest structures in the city. After the town council failed to keep funding its police department, Enoch hired four-hundred armed guards to protect the city, and effectively took control of it himself after gaining the trust of the townspeople. Scouts were sent to Eastern towns because telegraph lines were down, and that's how the now "Baron" discovered the political situation of Ontario.

In the time from Baron Dusk's rise to municipal power, to his discovering the power-struggle going on between Ottawa and Toronto, powerful men began gathering together - as they do in times like this - and decided to once again dictate the fate of millions with the pull of a few strings. Early one morning, a messenger slammed his fist several times against the front doors of Dusk Manor. After thirty seconds, he knocked ever louder, shaking one of the old wooden doors at the hinges until they opened. One of the town guards that showed the messenger to Dusk Manor was standing on the street. He didn't even dare to step on the property.

The two doors just cracked open enough to reveal Enoch, who was standing there with a flint-lock pistol. "Are you here to die?" Enoch calmly said. His hand had a leather glove on it, to keep the cold away from his light skin. The tower of a man, standing at over six feet tall, was wearing a black over-coat with a black cape, and black trousers. His orange tie was so bright that it almost seemed to reflect light. The messenger's face turned white and he froze.

"Na- na- no sir! I'm here to deliver a letter. I.. I was told to bring it to you, and your guards told me you live here. I had to hand-deliver it to you." The young man offered a letter to Enoch. It had a wax seal which had the letters, "L" and "D" implanted onto it in a unique, ornate fashion. The seal was half white, and half black. Still holding the gun, Enoch took the envelope from the messenger who had just broke a sweat in the fifty-degree weather. He broke the seal with one hand, and read the message inside:

To His Lordship Baron Enoch A. Dusk of Thunder Bay,

Baron Dusk,

As you hopefully know by now, there is a power struggle occurring in Eastern Ontario, which Thunder Bay is currently removed from. However, when one side wins, or if they unite, your city will soon fall to the others in the reunification of Ontario. We write to you to warn you of this reality, and to give you the opportunity to not only keep your sovereignty, but to bring more under your protection. We are a group of men who have special interests, and these interests would be threatened if either the Loyalists from Ottawa, or the Republicans from Toronto were to come to power. If you are brave enough to make the journey, then we ask that you make the journey to Isle Royale, and to the old stone home. We will be waiting, but not for long.

Destroy this after you read it.


The Gentlemen of The Stone Home

Enoch's Rise

After the sun went down, Enoch quietly departed his manor with an escort of two guards. With haste, they made it to the shore of Lake Superior, and he set off in a small motorboat with reserve fuel and oars. Isle Royale had no permanent population. It was the largest island in Lake Superior, and had been a preserved for nature for some time. There were only a few local legends of a stone home on the island, in the middle of the woods. Enoch knew of these legends, and wondered if he was just on a wild-goose chase, or if it was a trap. With him he had a top-hat, a sheathed sword, his pistol, and a gas lantern, though in such wilderness he wasn't sure if a few weapons could help him defend himself until he could get off the massive island.

He couldn't see the moon anymore once he entered the thick, virgin forests of the island. Leaves crunched beneath his boots while made his way through the woods. He followed a small stream, knowing that the home was near a stream in the legends, and eventually found a stone structure in the distance. It had no lights on, and looked totally abandoned. The only feature that stood out to Enoch was that none of the windows were broken. He carefully approached the door, with his sword drawn, and it creaked open. "We've been waiting for you, Baron Dusk."

A Declaration of Existence

A couple of days after Enoch's meeting with the men of interests, he mad a special radio-broadcast which was transmitted out to other parts of Canada, to America, and sent around the world via the telegraph.

Our Independence

To Other Leaders of The World,

After the rifts of war that sunk Europe and brought North America to its knees, I finally see signs of life come from around the world. Let this declaration be a new sign of life from Canada.

After the fall of the Canadian government, infighting between cities, and significant loss of life, I now announce my rule over a Sleepy Hollow in western Ontario. The seat of government is in Thunder Bay, but my rule extends over all of Ontario to Baffin Island, and I will bring an end to any who question my rule here. The people of this Sleepy Hollow need to have new connections with the parts of their country, more food for the winter months, and a well-armed militia to provide public safety. I will restore law and order here, and I will most importantly safeguard our customs and way of life.

We shall not forgot those who died for this place, especially on today which marks the beginning of Allhallowtide, and I shall fight along side you for this Barony. May God protect us, as we remember the dead, and may he give us strength as we rise.

Baron Enoch A. Dusk of Sleepy Hollow

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Post by Luxa on Tue Aug 02, 2016 10:43 pm

Baron Enoch A. Dusk of Sleepy Hollow,

I congratulate you on the rise of your state. I wish to request a meeting between us to discuss the relations our nations shall have in the future in this brave new world. We here in Britain have not forgotten Canada and we wish to establish close relations once more.

Lord Protector Coriolanus Snow of the United Commonwealth of Britain

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Post by Mergerberger on Mon Aug 08, 2016 2:20 am

The Commonwealth of America extends its recognition to Sleepy Hollow, and expresses a desire for a meeting to promote mutual cooperation and to encourage our two nations to work together.

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Post by Gray_Area on Mon Aug 08, 2016 6:02 pm

The North Pacific Federation welcomes Sleepy Hollow, and extends a standing offer to visit and establish formal relations.

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A Sleepy Hollow Empty Re: A Sleepy Hollow

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