The Full Moon Tribune - News From A Sleepy Hollow

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The Full Moon Tribune - News From A Sleepy Hollow

Post by PresidentDavid on Tue Aug 02, 2016 11:58 pm

The Full Moon Tribune

Baron Dusk Raises an Army

According to Baron Dusk, the security of Sleepy Hollow can no longer be guaranteed by the few-hundred city guards he hired when he took control of the city. With the help of unnamed associates, the Baron has acquired funds to raise an army. In response to an inquiry from the Tribune, the Baron outlined his plans for the new army, and he also revealed important information from the outside world that he recently discovered.

"I've been given word that cities to the far east - Ontario and Toronto - are in a great power struggle over all of Ontario," wrote the Baron. "Once one of these two factions beat down the other, they will come marching for Sudbury, and then Thunder Bay. I have raised an army, the Orange Army, to defend our city from any invaders, and to bring more communities under our protection."

While the Baron did not mention specific numbers in his written-response, several eye-witnesses have reported numbers from five-thousand to ten-thousand men training outside of the city. These numbers would humble the force of city guards, who currently serve only as keepers of the peace. The Baron is reported to be training with the men, however it is unclear if he will lead them into battle if need be, or if he will remain in Thunder Bay. What is clear, is that the Baron wants to assert his claim that he is the sovereign of all of Sleepy Hollow, possibly including Toronto and Ottawa.

OOC: All newspaper posts are private, unless you have a diplomat in Sleepy Hollow who has access to the papers.

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