Factbook of A Sleepy Hollow

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Factbook of A Sleepy Hollow Empty Factbook of A Sleepy Hollow

Post by PresidentDavid on Tue Aug 02, 2016 4:41 am

Sleepy Hollow

General Information
Common Nation Name: Sleepy Hollow
Demonym: Hollowin
National Animal: Black Cat
National Plant: Pumpkin
National Symbol: Jack O'lantern
National Colors: Black, Orange

Government Type: Near-Absolute Monarchy
Head of State: Baron Enoch A. Dusk
Head of Government: Baron Enochl A. Dusk
Executive Council of Baron: Council of Keys
Upper House: Assembly of Light
Lower House: Assembly of Dark

Economic System: Laissez Faire
Major Exports: Agricultural products, food-stuffs, produce, fish, some luxury products
Major Imports:
Industry Points: 3

Commander-in-Chief: Baron Maxwell Dusk
Number of Soldiers: 20,000
Artillery: 600
Number of Tanks: 0
Number of Nuclear Weapons: 0
Number of Chemical Weapons: 0

Standing Treaties:

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