South Africa Begins

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South Africa Begins

Post by Phantom on Mon Aug 08, 2016 10:48 pm

Andrew Johannesson sat in a semi-large room pleasantly decorated with art pieces and lavish furniture. He was waiting to go out to the conference room to give a speech that would change the entirety of South Africa, and the Southern African Region as a whole. The past few weeks had been chaotic for the region. The ruling class had been cracking down on non-european descendants, and a civil war was about to erupt. However the first elections came just in time, and the best candidate possible was chosen.

Some footsteps were heard and then a door was opened, “Andrew they are ready for you.” He then stood and followed the government aide out to the conference room. A podium stood on the center of a small stage, piled with microphones from different news outlets. Journalists and reporters filled the forty or so chairs that had been put out. In the back a cameraman pointed towards Andrew indicating that the camera was live.

“Good Evening citizens of the Republic of South Africa, today I stand before you as the first president of our great nation. These past months have been very turbulent, the ruling class, leftover from when the United Kingdom ruled our country from a capital thousands of miles away, have been pushing all of us towards civil war. The views that they had towards native africans are despicable, encouraging racism towards any people no matter the skin colour is abhorrent. As President of South Africa, I will create policies and laws to ensure that no matter who you are you will be equal to the person next to you!”

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