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Tsardom of Crimea Empty Tsardom of Crimea

Post by Owl on Thu Aug 04, 2016 10:59 pm

His Imperial Highness, Tsar Vladimir Kirillovitch, has declared that on this date the Tsardom of Crimea and the Azov Sea, in the capital of Cinigrad, shall henceforth be his kingdom. Those prior trespasses of Bolshevism shall be righted, and the proper authority of the Tsar and his government shall be renewed for the people. The Tsardom has issued firstly that the region of the Crimea and Azov Sea is to be termed Yuktobania, as shall the nation, so as to differentiate these noble and loyal subjects from other Ukranians, Russians, or Caucasian peoples. The Tsardom has secondly begun to draft soldiers from those ranks of the former authority of the region, in example, veterans of the war against Fascism, to fill the ranks of the Tsar's army. His Imperial Highness has also taken into his private ownership all armories, industrial concerns, and manufacturing plants for the usage of the government.

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