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    Tue Aug 09, 2016 12:49 am
    Message by PresidentDavid - Logs
    Nothing too important.

    15:48 *** Joefesok joined #skrp
    15:48 Joefesok oh, right, I forgot
    15:49 Joefesok old lady sabriel has issues telling names apart
    15:49 Joefesok also, that Seven Kingdoms: Roleplay is serious business
    15:49 Joefesok and a fucking joke is too lighthearted
    15:49 Joefesok I still want to know where the fuck eva is because she needs to quit whining about every single thing that is remotely fun
    15:50 Sabriel|Away What is she complaining about right now?
    15:50 Markus_Wilding she's online, but not in this channel
    15:50 Markus_Wilding i don't know why
    15:50 Directoraway see, I was almost about to tell you, but then I realized that you just want to complain about her complaining
    15:50 Joefesok right now? nothing
    15:50 Joefesok but, in the first glance i've had here in two days, I see she's taken liberty to complain about
    15:50 Directoraway and that's not very constructive now, is it?
    15:50 Joefesok - the holidays!
    15:51 Joefesok - not letting absurd space combat be a thing
    15:51 Joefesok - not doing Sargun's armpits in IRC
    15:52 Directoraway I mean, I'm not sure how you querying eva was meant to accomplish anything much
    15:52 Joefesok tell her to quit whining constantly
    15:53 Joefesok is the operative here
    15:53 Markus_Wilding we can't tell a player what to do, unless it violates one of the rp's rules or community standards
    15:53 Directoraway doubt telling her that would help. At least, whenever I try to tell joefesok to stop whining, he gets even more whiny
    15:54 Joefesok No, you can't, but you can remind her that it's fucking obnoxious and is not winning any affection
    15:54 Directoraway someday maybe he'll give me some cheese to go with the whine
    15:54 Joefesok i already sent you a bread basket
    15:54 Joefesok what more do you want
    15:54 Joefesok fuckin' gold digger right here
    15:54 Directoraway as we all know, eva's priority has usually been to win affection
    15:54 Sabriel|Away Y'all just need to chill and enjoy the game.
    15:55 Directoraway How can I enjoy the game? Markus is in it
    15:55 Joefesok this coming from the lady who enforces a strict 'no name change jokes' policy
    15:55 Joefesok for uh
    15:55 Sabriel|Away No fun.
    15:55 Joefesok Have you given us a reason yet
    15:55 Joefesok or did you just do it on a whim
    15:55 Sabriel|Away No fun for anyone who isn't a Jew.
    15:55 Joefesok i have been confused for a jew
    15:55 Joefesok does that count
    15:55 Sabriel|Away No.
    15:55 Sabriel|Away Only citizens of the Zionist Space Commonwealth are given a Fun ration.
    15:55 Sabriel|Away Goyish Earth Plebs get nothing.
    15:56 Joefesok so i've been playing Space Station 13
    15:56 Joefesok with the //fucking GOONS//
    15:56 Sabriel|Away Anyway. People have used name changes to try and fuck with other people's stuff in the game before. So it's a no go.
    15:56 *** cal quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
    15:56 Directoraway wait, srsly sabriel?
    15:57 Joefesok why not just make people use registered names, though
    15:57 Joefesok we can still do some name change jokes without having to go full stalin about it
    15:57 Joefesok also, that rectifies the issue
    15:57 Joefesok of people changing names *before* they enter IRC
    15:57 Joefesok which you aren't accounting for
    15:58 Joefesok this is the worst thought out program of ruining a joke i've ever seen
    15:58 Joefesok D -
    15:59 Markus_Wilding not everyone registers names
    15:59 Markus_Wilding or necessarily knows how to
    15:59 Joefesok it's incredibly easy
    15:59 *** Directoraway is now known as LiterallyStalin
    16:00 Joefesok time to ban director
    16:00 Joefesok we can't have fucking jokes here
    16:00 Joefesok it's serious business
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