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Twin Germanic Kingdom Empty Twin Germanic Kingdom

Post by EaganTheMighty on Fri Aug 12, 2016 2:45 am

**General Information**
Full Nation Name: The Twin Germanic Kingdoms of Denmark-Holland
Common Nation Name: The Twin Germanic Kingdom or Denmark-Holland
Demonym: Germanic, German, Danish, Dutch (depending on who is addressed in the message)
National Animals: Eagle and Lion
National Plants: Oak Tree and Tulip
National Symbol The Crowns of the Netherlands and Denmark upon the Iron Cross
National Colors: Red, white and Orange

Government Type: Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Heads of State: Queen Juliana of the Netherlands and King Frederick IX of Denmark
Head of Governemnt: Franz Guldbrandsen
Legislative Body: The United Parliament, ( Det Forenede Parlamentet, De Verenigde Parlement, Das Vereinigte Parlament)

Economic System: Social Market Economy
Major Exports: Machinery, vehicles, steel, meat, dairy, fish, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fuel
Major Imports: oil and gas, foodstuffs, raw materials, clothing
Industry Points: 115

Commander-in-Chief Frederick IX
Chairman of High Command:
Commander of the Air Force:
Commander of the Army:
Commander of Coast Guard:
Commander of the Navy:
Commander of the Reserves:
Number of Soldiers: 80,000
Number of Fighters: 200
Number of Bombers: 75
Number of Tanks: 350
Number of Nuclear Weapons: 0
Number of Chemical Weapons: 0

Standing Treaties:


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