Court of Tsar Vladimir Kirillovitch

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Court of Tsar Vladimir Kirillovitch

Post by Owl on Wed Aug 10, 2016 6:31 am

Hereby are recorded the actions of the court of by the grace of God, his Imperial Highness, Tsar of the Yuktobanian Peoples of the Crimea, Ukraine, and Caucasus, Imperator Vladimir Kirillovitch, and his Imperial Highness's government.

In immediacy from the declaration of the existence of the Yuktobanian nation, the Imperial Court has begun immediate armament of the Yuktobanian people, marshaling forces for the "protection of the people and the Tsar's kingdom". The Imperial Armoury has issued a request for a new firearm to replace the wartime PPSh-41 model, using the PPS-43 with a fixed wooden stock. The Yuktobanian military has also begun working on replacing existing T-44-85 model medium tanks with a new T-44-100 model, slightly widened and expanded to allow for the increased weapons size. Existing T-44-85s are to remain in the military for the time being.

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