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AOT - Attack on Thailand Empty AOT - Attack on Thailand

Post by Greatkitteh on Mon Aug 08, 2016 3:24 pm

Bangkok lays in ravages. It was one of the few things Thailand rivaled in their formerly more powerful Japanese allies (or axis) at. It was an Attack on Thailand.

While Thailand rolled back the ABCD forces alongside the other Axis in 1941, they too were defeated alongside Japan in the Pacific war. By the battle of Elephant point, the back of Thailand's forces were broken as Gurka regiments liberated province after Province from Axis rule.

As 1945 dragged into 1946, the British dragged into Thailand proper. Then, the Chinese came. Almost superior in everything, the Royal army barely inflicted a casulty as the endless Chinese war machine broke though Indochina and threatened Bangkok as well. The answer from Thailand's Japanese alllies - "No help can be sent."

Knowing defeat was inevitable, Thailand reached peace with China - a delibilerate move since the Chinese were more open to negotiation then the British. As a result, Thailand held it's gained territory, but even Thailand proper was in flames.

A man stood on some broken building, at Bangkok.

"Subjects, we have gained land. But we lost much more. We have lost why our land was special. We have lost you. Subjects, we have gained land. We still have yet to accquire THAIland.

Our country is in ruins. Those who died for the country are the only ones not buried here, who have fought for our short sighted prospect of land are not even in Thailand. To out it shortly, this war was a mess. Our remains of a country is a mess.

It doesn't have to be this way though. Another world war would probably notbahppen for another twenty years. It took us ten bombers to destroy our country; but in ten years just maybe will we be better. I will be back. I will make Siam Great Again."


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