Factbook of Krakoshia

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Factbook of Krakoshia

Post by Greywall on Mon Aug 08, 2016 11:52 am

Official Nation Name

Krakoshian Federation

General Information
Following the bloody days of world War 2 the eastern Europeans found themselves besieged by the nazis and later the red army. Men and women were forced into conscription on both sides with the red army forcing the governments into the Soviet Union. It was during the Attleboro of seelow heights that a young Estonian named Toomas Jarlan became disgusted with how his people were treated, following German defeat, Jarlan became an instrumental force in creating a new nation and nationality much like the Yugoslavs. In the summer, the Krakoshian revolution broke out chasing the battered red army back into russia and declaring the region an independent federation. The people of Estonia, latvia, Lithuania and Belarus became Krakoshians, and rose a new flag over their capital of Riga. After the general assembly was put in power by local elections, Jarlan was elected as the first president of the federation.
Common Nation Name: Krakoshia
Demonym: Krakoshian
National Animal: Wolverine
National Plant:
National Symbol: black cross
National Colors: black and white
Most Important Holidays: Christmas, Independence day, v day.

Government Type: Federal unitary republic
Head of State: President Toomas Jarlan
Head of Government: Secretary of state Anna Zakheav
Legislative Body: General assembly

Economic System: capitalist mercantile
Major Exports: raw materials, automobiles, electronic parts, lumber
Major Imports: oil, luxury items, steel, copper
Industry Points:

Chairman of High Command:
Commander of Air Force:
Commander of Army:
Commander of Coast Guard:
Commander of Navy:
Number of Soldiers:
Number of Fighters:
Number of Bombers:
Number of Tanks:
Number of Nuclear Weapons:
Number of Chemical Weapons:

Standing Treaties:

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