[Core GM's] Announcement!

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[Core GM's] Announcement!

Post by Dragojev on Mon Aug 08, 2016 5:10 am

Evening fellow RP'ers!

Today, it's a grand honor to announce that a Chief GM has finally been selected from between the Core GM Team. After much deliberation, the Chief GM for this term and the first of the RP is no other than yours truly, Rudolph/Dragojev. I will personally endeavor to abide by and perform to the best of my abilities the responsibilities and duties of the Chief GM. With this, the Core GM Team will continue performing its mandate to the community, I merely ask that you all continue being friendly and civil with each other as a good RP environment benefits everyone involved!

I hope to establish a concrete, stable and positive legacy that future Chief GM's can follow to the best of their ability and uphold the foundations that this RP was established upon.

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