From the Ashes: Rebirth of the Two-Headed Phoenix

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From the Ashes: Rebirth of the Two-Headed Phoenix Empty From the Ashes: Rebirth of the Two-Headed Phoenix

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In the heart of Beograd, the White City of the Serbs

"Citizens of Yugoslavia! Albanians, Bosniaks, Croats, Macedonians, Montenegrins, Serbians and Slovenes of all ages and walks of life. My countrymen, lend me your ears!" exclaimed a baritone voice through the radio waves, a familiar voice that made a few to slow and stop as it rang eerily familiar, few stores with imported television sets at the front tuned in to display the Beli Dvor, decorated in a fashion that made even more to stop and gaze at the television sets.

The camera focused on the front balcony, the sight that greeted their eyes almost disbelieving as the Regent of the former Kingdom stood behind a podium, a microphone set in place as he looked seemingly beyond the camera. A brief pan by the camera showed a crowd of reporters, journalists and assortment of media.

"My name is Ðordev Božovic," he introduced himself, "Many know who I am and what I represent," the man spoke, his face being one of the few icons from the disastrous war. "A return of the Monarchy. A return to better times with a leader who united our peoples together, out from the atrocities of the Second Great War," he continued without missing a beat.

Slowly behind him the doors opened and a procession of people walked out into the light, the camera panning as the members of the Ratni Savet Četrnaest, the Wartime Council of Fourteen stood on either side of the doors upon the balcony barring three.

One of them, the Regent stepped to the side, revealing the face of the second-to-last missing member of the group and the famous Marshal as he took to the podium.

Elderly in his age, the Marshal nonetheless appeared sharp in his dress uniform, standing tall as if defying his age.

Josip Broz Tito gazed all before him, pursing his lips for a moment before he began, "I need not mention my name, my actions in bringing our peoples from the brink of madness at the hands of that madman is evidence enough of who I am," he boldly declared.

"Today is a day that our shared history will mark down as a day that we stood united once more, ever defiant of those who may look down our people as backwards or lower than they. To that, we shall stand to our feet and declare in one voice, 'No'," he continued, narrowing his eyes as he pointed at the distance, "Our enemies would see us disunited, bickering amongst ourselves and destroying the very bond that makes us all brothers in blood. To that, we shall stand to our feed and declare 'No'."

"Today is the day that we will stand to our feet once more and declare-!"

"No, We Shall Stand United," came a loud voice from behind the Marshal who simply stepped off the podium and gave the figure a crisp military salute. The ever familiar scars on his face told to all who it as as he stepped up to the podium, silent in the recognizable regalia as he took in the crowd before him and yet, no crown could be seen upon him.

"My countrymen," he began, "I have returned to lead you all once more. As we speak, across the countryside brave brothers and sisters in the military are moving to secure the borders of our country and safeguard our people as we slowly stand on our own two feet, under the protection of our might, determination and will to stand defiant against those who seek to bring us to yet another low."

"Today, we declare loud and proud that our Kingdom has arisen from the ashes and returned to the world."

On that declaration, the crowd burst into applause while the Regent stepped besides the Podium, a deep red pillow in his hands and sitting comfortably in the middle was the easily recognizable Crown of the Karađorđević Dynasty.

"Today, I swear an Oath to both the secular ties that bind us alongside the religious ones, that I shall lead our peoples into prosperity and success, to a better way of life and be a rational leader. On this Oath, I hereby crown myself Kralj of the Socialist Kingdom of Yugoslavia!"

With that declaration, he raised the crown and placed it on the top of his head amidst the cheers of the audience.

From the Ashes: Rebirth of the Two-Headed Phoenix CCTRJiq
Official Declaration from the Socijalistička Kraljevina Jugoslavija
Citizens of the world,

Rejoice, for today marks a new day in the Balkans. The state of Yugoslavia has arisen once more from the ashes and has returned to the international community, once more as a Socialist Kingdom and headed by the Monarch, HM Kralj Dragojev Belojevic. Our kingdom will work hard to provide the basic necessities for its people, and we will work endlessly to become an active member of the international community. To the Commonwealth, we send many thanks for protecting our people in their time of need.

Our people look forward, hopeful and filled with joy as they walk upon their path once more.

Kralj Dragojev Belojevic

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