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Post by Luxa on Tue Aug 02, 2016 8:01 am

"So our hand is about to be forced." The officers sat gathered around a table. The air was thick with tension. "I have sources that the Parliament and Crown are about to make their move."

The Field Marshal gritted his teeth. "If Montgomery hadn't died this would have never happened." He sighed. "We need to act before they do. Otherwise we're dead. Gentlemen. I trust you know what step we are about to make." He looked around at the officers who were all nodding. "We must betray the nation we serve in order to save it. I have made contact with our friends. We make our move tonight."

That night the British Army made their move. As the Parliament met in the Palace of Westminster the Army surrounded it and then stormed it. A brief firefight broke out as a few guards tried to stop the soldiers, but it was to no avail. Soldiers also stormed Buckingham Palace, only to find it empty. The Royal Family was gone. In Ireland troops seized government buildings as well. Soon the entirety of the islands was under military control.

"Damn it. The Royals got away. That may weaken us in the future." He sighed resignedly. "However we have succeeded in our mission. It's time to rebuild our nation."

International Broadcast

"Today is a new day for the people of Britain. We have reason to believe that the Parliament and the Crown planned to betray the people of the Isles. The British Army has taken action to ensure that that does not happen. As of now I, Field Marshal Coriolanus Snow, declare Parliament to be dissolved. We will right the wrongs of the past. In two days time we will name a Lord Protector who will take all power to defend Britain from her foes. In two days time the Commonwealth will be reborn!"

Two days later Field Marshal Coriolanus Snow was declared Lord Protector of the United Commonwealth of Britain and Protector of Her People.

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